Our Team

Rekindle is unique in so many ways but what makes us stand out is that behind the vision, the work, the governance, the finances, the safeguarding, the networking and the passion, are a team of 8 young people from working class communities with real life recent experience of the state education system. We have the drive and determination to bring our incredible school to life, as the young people of South Manchester deserve this very special school. We will show that true youth leadership means more than token consultations with an adult board who do all the real work and thinking.

We are young fierce critical thinkers

We are proof that young people can lead change.

We are the Trustees of our school.

Alieh, 24

Passionate socialist, ratchet intellectual who wants to educate the world...

Asha, 19

Black, Youth Leader, working to be part of something that allows young people to flourish…

Cara, 17

Student, working-class Activist, ally, Leader, relentlessly hopeful for a better future...

Jaiden, 18

Youth Activist, Community Leader, mixed race, passionate about cultural awareness world…

Jesse, 24

Black British, Nigerian, legal enthusiast, currently working at House of Commons…

Josie, 23

Passionate northerner. Outspoken ally and determined for change in opportunities...

Lisa, 20

Law student, Activist, Campaigner, black woman prepared to make social change...

Roukagia, 19

Muslim, Slavic & Arab, social justice warrior, aspiring Human Rights Barrister…

Ruth Ibegbuna

Rekindle Elder & Educator

Darren Crosdale

Rekindle Elder & Educator


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