Our Framework


Our SNAP acronym helps us to streamline our work into key areas of focus.


The young people at Rekindle will have homework support provided by Manchester university students. It is a priority that Rekindle aids students with the education they receive in mainstream schools. Our students will be given one-to-one sessions where they have a safe space to express any challenges or concerns they may have. We at Rekindle believe it is our duty of care to ensure the youth (and staff) at Rekindle have a platform that encourages the mental wellbeing of the users of our services.


Statistics show that 20% of people may have cut down on buying fruit and vegetables because they cannot afford to do so any longer. At Rekindle, we understand the importance of a healthy, nutritious diet to promote the mental and physical performance of young people in school. We will provide each young person with a free, freshly cooked hot meal and care packages to make sure that their nutrient and hygiene needs are met.


We aim to provide services, workshops and educational visits that will boost the achievement of the young people at Rekindle. We want to give each child an opportunity to succeed and allow them to explore different career pathways that identify with their interest.


It is our mission to have the best safeguarding measures put in place to ensure that the Rekindle space and those that use it are protected to the best of our abilities. Rekindle has a young board of trustees that prioritises the needs and safety of the young people that work with us. It is our responsibility to make sure that all of our users feel protected at Rekindle.


What time will Rekindle run, and will this interfere with the child's normal school routine?

Rekindle will run for 4 hours a day from 4PM - 8PM. Rekindle does not overlap with a normal school day, nor is it an alternative to a young person's mainstream schooling. We have creative sessions on a Saturday which run from 10-1pm at the Whitworth Art Gallery.

How does a young person get selected to be a part of Rekindle?

Students can self nominate or be nominated by adults who have a level of responsibility for them. Some examples of adults who may nominate students include parents, carers, teachers, social workers and youth workers. We work with a traffic light system:
  • Red - indicates young people that are in absolute need of extra support and they will spend more time with us at Rekindle.
  • Yellow - this is for young people that are at risk of falling out of love with education and need help finding direction.
  • Green - for students that need a little support in particular areas.they will spend minimal time at Rekindle.

Where and when will Rekindle start?

Rekindle will open in January 2022. We will be temporarily based at The Manchester Museum from Monday to Friday (4 -8pm), until we find our forever home in South Manchester. We have a permanent space at The Whitworth Art Gallery for creative sessions on a Saturday (10-1pm).

How much will it cost to send my child to Rekindle if they are selected?

Rekindle school will cost the parents nothing. We work tirelessly so that we can raise the funds to provide a school that is accessible for all. We have done everything we can to provide an environment and education that is not limited by postcode or the bank balance of parents.

Is there any exercise available?

Exercise will play a key role in Rekindle. We believe that a physical education stimulates and nourishes the minds of our young people and prepares them to learn, critically assess and improve their overall engagement. The nutrition and nourishment of our young people is extremely important.


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