For Young People

What we do

At Rekindle, we offer an education that you won’t receive in school. Instead of preparing you for exams, we can prepare you for life with a curriculum that teaches you everything from how to manage your finances to how to lead a healthy lifestyle. We will provide a tasty and nutritious meal each night sourced from the local community, as well as a mentor scheme, homework help, wellbeing support, sports and art provisions and cultural opportunities and trips, all absolutely and always free of charge.

Why we do it

Young people from “disadvantaged” areas and backgrounds are more likely to fall behind their peers in school and are also less likely to be able to access opportunities such as work experience that would give them a leg up for their future.

At Rekindle, we want to level the playing field by offering these opportunities and more, and by providing the pastoral care, community support and critical thinking skills that young people need to give them the same chance to succeed.

Our promise to young people

  • At Rekindle, we promise to support, nurture, protect and proudly watch you soar.
  • We have rules and policies in place to ensure your right to privacy, safety, equality and happiness during your time at Rekindle.
  • All of the staff, mentors, volunteers and other responsible adults at Rekindle are trained, qualified and the best people for the job.
  • We will listen to the concerns and issues that you raise, and address the experiences that matter to you. We want you to have an active say in what happens at Rekindle.
  • Full risk assessments are completed for each activity, which are revised, updated and personalised based on your needs as individuals and as a group.
  • We promise that if you disclose something that is a safeguarding concern to us, we will listen to you, believe you and support you while we try to resolve the issue for you as soon as we possibly can.
  • No matter how scary something seems, we will work through it together.
  • We will regularly analyse what we are doing well and what we could do to improve. With your help, we can work on our weaker areas and be much better for everyone involved.
  • Everyone at Rekindle has your best interests at heart – you are in safe hands.


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