Why I support Rekindle

Growing up on the Holmewood estate, in Bradford, I saw how even the smallest amount of encouragement can have an overwhelming positive impact on someone’s life.

A lot of young working-class people haven’t had the opportunity to express just how brilliant they could be because they don’t see the support they need whether it’s pastoral care, a nourishing meal or being shown the tools to succeed in everyday life.

I was fortunate enough to be offered mentoring and support throughout high school when I needed it the most. Now, at 25 years old, I am in a position where I feel I can make a positive impact on others’ lives and I want to pay forward the goodwill which was offered to me.

It’s important to me to find and be a part of a group which is similarly committed towards having the biggest possible positive impact they can and, more than that, each person involved understands what it’s like to be in the young person’s position.

The supportive team needs to understand that different perspectives matter, that education and care can come in many forms whether through employability skills, understanding mental wellbeing or managing their finances.

Having been introduced to Rekindle School and those involved with the project, I have found exactly that.

Each person is clearly passionate, ambitious, highly capable and understands the young working-class people they will be caring for.

To begin with, I plan to support Rekindle School by helping them create a financial education curriculum.

I’d love to be able to play a part in the young people’s lives by helping them learn the foundations of money and get them started on their own journey to financial independence. This would enable Rekindle students to hopefully pay it forward themselves to the causes and people that matter most to them.

While the first Rekindle school will be in South Manchester, both Ruth (Rekindle Founder) and I are from Bradford and are passionate about nourishing the futures of the young people from our home city. One day, hopefully in the near future, I would love to see a Rekindle School in the heart of Bradford and give back something special to the area that raised me.

Ultimately, I would love to see Rekindle Schools support working class young people across the country, as I can see the immense value they could have on young lives. A radical school that offers hope, care, support, food and intellectual challenge is one that I will always support to the best of my abilities.


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