How has working to set up Rekindle helped you to see what school COULD be?

Working on Rekindle has been one of the greatest honours of my life so far. If you’re passionate about educational change then building an incredible school would be the dream. It is not just the dream that I am most grateful for though: it has also been the team behind it. The family we have built here at Rekindle has enabled me to see what a school should be, what it should prioritise and how young people should be at the heart of every single aspect.

Supporting, Nourishing, Achieving and Protecting are the principles that have become a common theme throughout Rekindle. The importance of opening the doors of a school that embraces critical thinking, provides a cultural and relevant historical education and values the role of relatable mentors has been echoed throughout the whole process. I look back on my own school experience and wish that ReKindle was the school I attended and that’s what we have tried to create; a school that incorporates everything that is needed to re-engage those students who have become disillusioned with the current system.

The true privilege of working on Rekindle is that the power and ability of young people has never been questioned. We have seen young people take control of aspects such as safeguarding, finance, admin and partnerships and fly – applying for funding, questioning decisions and working collaboratively towards a united goal. Through ReKindle, these same young people have been given the opportunity to shine while really perfecting their skill sets in key areas. Young people have been given the chance to lead – not simply to tick a box.

As I fall in love with the life-changing potential of Rekindle, I learn that school is much more than education – the true greatness is in the opportunity, the safety and the family. I can’t help but recognise the difference in opportunity for those who attend private schools in the area. School teaches much more than education for these young people with extra-curricular clubs such as Cryptography, Growing and Gardening and Debating Society. Imagine if disadvantaged children had the opportunity to experience this type of education. The ability to allow disadvantaged young people to fall back in love with education and provide them with a safe space and an environment that nurtures.

Working on Rekindle has provided an unlimited amount of learning, pride and satisfaction for me as a nineteen year old just about to start university; just imagine what it could do for a nervous thirteen year old not entirely sure of herself?