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What is Rekindle?

Our origins

Rekindle was born from the dreams of an award-winning charity founder and former teacher, Ruth Ibegbuna. The supplementary school is essentially led by an active, young management group from South Manchester all aged between 17-24. We have all grown up attending South Manchester schools and understand the tensions between underfunded schools and young people; many of the problems have been worsened by the pandemic. A pure love for education and the opportunities it can provide has been caught in a crossfire. That is why we have set up a supplementary school that will focus on providing Support, Nourishment encouraging Achievement and to Protect young people.

Our goal

Rekindle recognises it takes considerable understanding to ignite the embers of soulful learning: communities, families, day schools, role models, nutritious meals, an awareness of physical and mental wellbeing and the creation of flexible networks to support young people. With a rounded and responsive team of dedicated professionals, we’ll encourage young people to dare to aspire to achieve their highest potential. Daring to dream is the beginning of our young people achieving things they may not yet understand is theirs for the snatching. Put very simply; we are a group of young people and radical teachers forming the school we all wish we’d attended!

Where Are We Based?

St Mary's Courtyard, St Mary's Street, Hulme, Manchester, M15 5WB

Our thoughts

Read the latest articles from our in-house team on the topics that we think are interesting.

9 February 2021

The school I wish I’d attended.

I’ve never been naturally academic. At school I struggled with the structure, the random cruelty of a 1970s South Manchester state primary school and the seemingly unseen background trauma of a deeply abusive home life. I was never excluded from school, at least formally, but I didn’t feel part of it and […]
15 January 2021

Swimming against the tide

Sometimes one must swim against the tide, disrupt the system and create a change that has passion at its core. That is exactly what Founder Ruth Ibegbuna did when she handed over the baton to a group of 8 young people and told them to build the school they dreamed of when […]
8 November 2020

Why I support Rekindle

Growing up on the Holmewood estate, in Bradford, I saw how even the smallest amount of encouragement can have an overwhelming positive impact on someone’s life. A lot of young working-class people haven’t had the opportunity to express just how brilliant they could be because they don’t see the support they need […]


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